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Photographs added to Birds in Focus last month:

Jamaican Tody Bat Falcon Belcher's Gull Belcher's Gull Belcher's Gull Belcher's Gull Spix's Guan Bufflehead Bufflehead Bufflehead Bufflehead Bufflehead Bufflehead Gadwall Gadwall Gadwall Wood Stork Pied-billed Grebe Pied-billed Grebe Northern Harrier Northern Shoveler Northern Shoveler Northern Shoveler Monk Parakeet Monk Parakeet Monk Parakeet Monk Parakeet Monk Parakeet Mallard Great Crested Flycatcher Great Blue Heron Gray-headed Swamphen Gray-headed Swamphen Gray-headed Swamphen Glossy Ibis Gadwall Gadwall Gadwall Fish Crow Fish Crow Eurasian Collared-Dove Egyptian Goose Burrowing Owl Burrowing Owl Burrowing Owl Burrowing Owl Bufflehead Bufflehead Bufflehead Bufflehead Bufflehead Black Scoter Anhinga Arrowhead Warbler Blue Mountain Vireo Jamaican Elaenia Black-billed Parrot Jamaican Vireo Yellow-billed Parrot Orangequit Jamaican Woodpecker White-eyed Thrush Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo Streamertail Flat-billed Vireo Jamaican Blackbird Jamaican Euphonia Jamaican Crow White-tailed Tropicbird Jamaican Tody Jamaican Tody Jamaican Becard Jamaican Spindalis Vervain Hummingbird Ring-tailed Pigeon Harris's Sparrow Great Egret Burrowing Owl Black Turnstone Brant Redhead Snowy Owl Great Blue Heron Tricolored Heron Burrowing Parakeet Monk Parakeet Rufous-crowned Sparrow Pine Siskin Phainopepla Vesper Sparrow Olive-throated Parakeet Roadside Hawk Common Grackle Elf Owl Black-capped Vireo Brown-crested Flycatcher Colima Warbler Black-throated Sparrow Greater Roadrunner Greater Roadrunner Gray Hawk Common Goldeneye Western Spindalis Lesser Antillean Saltator Blue-crowned Parakeet Wood Stork Mallard Clapper Rail Bahama Warbler Hairy Woodpecker Pine Warbler Bridled Quail-Dove Bridled Quail-Dove La Sagra's Flycatcher Brown Trembler Mottled Duck Prairie Warbler Great Egret Tricolored Heron Bridled Quail-Dove Guadeloupe Woodpecker Plumbeous Warbler Thick-billed Vireo Cuban Pewee Cuban Pewee White-cheeked Pintail Bahama Warbler Bahama Warbler Bahama Swallow Olive-capped Warbler Cuban Parrot Cuban Parrot Neotropic Cormorant Bare-eyed Pigeon Sandwich Tern Ruby-topaz Hummingbird Bananaquit Yellow Oriole Northern Scrub-Flycatcher Burrowing Owl Crested Caracara Bare-eyed Pigeon Blue-tailed Emerald Tropical Mockingbird Blue-tailed Emerald Venezuelan Troupial Bare-eyed Pigeon American Wigeon

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