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Taxonomy: Order Charadriiformes >> Family Laridae >> Genus Pagophila

Ivory Gull (Unique ID: 8949)
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Species: Ivory Gull (Pagophila eburnea)
Location: Quinsippi Island, Quincy, Illinois, United States
Age: adult     Plumage: basic/year-round     Activity: preening
Sex: ---     Visibility: full body     Quantity: single
Photographer: David Seibel     Date: January 7, 2015
Equipment: Canon EOS-1D Mark IV and Canon 500mm f/4L IS     Megapixels: 6.0

Notes: Rare vagrant from the high Arctic, resting on a boathouse roof on a bitterly cold afternoon at the Art Keller Marina, where dozens of birders from all around the U.S. got to see the bird (most of them for the first time). This species' population has declined precipitously over the past several years.


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