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Location: Larimer County

Cackling Gooseborder= Cinnamon Tealborder= Northern Shovelerborder= American Wigeonborder=
Mallardborder= Redheadborder= Redheadborder= Common Goldeneyeborder=
Common Goldeneyeborder= Common Goldeneyeborder= Common Merganserborder= Common Merganserborder=
Common Merganserborder= White-tailed Ptarmiganborder= Eared Grebeborder= Western Grebeborder=
Clark's Grebeborder= Broad-tailed Hummingbirdborder= Broad-tailed Hummingbirdborder= Rufous Hummingbirdborder=
Virginia Railborder= American Avocetborder= American Avocetborder= Red-necked Phalaropeborder=
Red-necked Phalaropeborder= Spotted Sandpiperborder= American White Pelicanborder= Bald Eagleborder=
Bald Eagleborder= Eastern Screech-Owlborder= Eastern Screech-Owlborder= Eastern Screech-Owlborder=
Eastern Screech-Owlborder= Great Horned Owlborder= Great Horned Owlborder= Northern Pygmy-Owlborder=
Long-eared Owlborder= Williamson's Sapsuckerborder= Williamson's Sapsuckerborder= Williamson's Sapsuckerborder=
Williamson's Sapsuckerborder= Red-naped Sapsuckerborder= Lewis's Woodpeckerborder= Northern Flickerborder=
Northern Flickerborder= American Kestrelborder= Olive-sided Flycatcherborder= Cordilleran Flycatcherborder=
Northern Shrikeborder= Steller's Jayborder= Black-billed Magpieborder= Clark's Nutcrackerborder=
Bushtitborder= Red-breasted Nuthatchborder= White-breasted Nuthatchborder= Pygmy Nuthatchborder=
House Wrenborder= American Dipperborder= Evening Grosbeakborder= Red Crossbillborder=
Red Crossbillborder= Lesser Goldfinchborder= American Goldfinchborder= Dark-eyed Juncoborder=
Vesper Sparrowborder= Baird's Sparrowborder= Baird's Sparrowborder= Lincoln's Sparrowborder=
Yellow-breasted Chatborder= Bobolinkborder= Virginia's Warblerborder= Virginia's Warblerborder=
Virginia's Warblerborder= Northern Parulaborder= Yellow Warblerborder= Yellow Warblerborder=
Yellow Warblerborder= Yellow-rumped Warblerborder= Western Tanagerborder= Western Tanagerborder=
Blue Grosbeakborder= Blue Grosbeakborder= Lazuli Buntingborder= Lazuli Buntingborder=
Dickcisselborder= Dickcisselborder=

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