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Location: Puerto Pinson

Northern Screamerborder= Blue-billed Curassowborder= Blue-billed Curassowborder= Blue-billed Curassowborder=
Blue-billed Curassowborder= Smooth-billed Aniborder= White-necked Jacobinborder= White-necked Jacobinborder=
Stripe-throated Hermitborder= Wattled Jacanaborder= Rufescent Tiger-Heronborder= Striated Heronborder=
Black Hawk-Eagleborder= Roadside Hawkborder= White-tailed Trogonborder= Gartered Trogonborder=
Rufous Motmotborder= Pied Puffbirdborder= Barred Puffbirdborder= White-mantled Barbetborder=
Channel-billed Toucanborder= Olivaceous Piculetborder= Red-crowned Woodpeckerborder= Spot-breasted Woodpeckerborder=
Blue-headed Parrotborder= Black Antshrikeborder= Chestnut-backed Antbirdborder= Straight-billed Woodcreeperborder=
Yellow-chinned Spinetailborder= Pale-breasted Spinetailborder= White-bearded Manakinborder= White-bearded Manakinborder=
Cinnamon Becardborder= Cinnamon Becardborder= Yellow-crowned Tyrannuletborder= Black-billed Flycatcherborder=
Pied Water-Tyrantborder= Pied Water-Tyrantborder= White-headed Marsh Tyrantborder= Bright-rumped Attilaborder=
Streaked Flycatcherborder= Bicolored Wrenborder= Bicolored Wrenborder= Carib Grackleborder=
Swallow Tanagerborder=

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