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Location: Ubatuba

Saw-billed Hermitborder= Saw-billed Hermitborder= Festive Coquetteborder= Festive Coquetteborder=
Brazilian Rubyborder= Brazilian Rubyborder= Brazilian Rubyborder= Violet-capped Woodnymphborder=
Violet-capped Woodnymphborder= Violet-capped Woodnymphborder= Violet-capped Woodnymphborder= Sombre Hummingbirdborder=
Sombre Hummingbirdborder= Glittering-throated Emeraldborder= White-chinned Sapphireborder= Green-backed Trogonborder=
Yellow-fronted Woodpeckerborder= Ferruginous Antbirdborder= Squamate Antbirdborder= Black-cheeked Gnateaterborder=
Black-cheeked Gnateaterborder= Spotted Bamboowrenborder= Pale-browed Treehunterborder= Buff-throated Purpletuftborder=
Long-billed Gnatwrenborder= Pale-breasted Thrushborder= Violaceous Euphoniaborder= Violaceous Euphoniaborder=
Chestnut-bellied Euphoniaborder= Ruby-crowned Tanagerborder= Brazilian Tanagerborder= Green Honeycreeperborder=
Green Honeycreeperborder= Temminck's Seedeaterborder= Temminck's Seedeaterborder= Buffy-fronted Seedeaterborder=
Bananaquitborder= Bananaquitborder=

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