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Location: Intervales State Park

Solitary Tinamouborder= Solitary Tinamouborder= Black-fronted Piping-Guanborder= Spot-winged Wood-Quailborder=
Spot-winged Wood-Quailborder= Eared Doveborder= Blackish Railborder= Slaty-breasted Wood-Railborder=
Rufous-sided Crakeborder= Red-and-white Crakeborder= Red-and-white Crakeborder= Red-and-white Crakeborder=
Southern Lapwingborder= Rusty-barred Owlborder= Surucua Trogonborder= Surucua Trogonborder=
Black-throated Trogonborder= Green-and-rufous Kingfisherborder= Spot-billed Toucanetborder= Helmeted Woodpeckerborder=
Helmeted Woodpeckerborder= White-browed Woodpeckerborder= Dusky-tailed Antbirdborder= Serra do Mar Tyrant-Manakinborder=
Swallow-tailed Manakinborder= Swallow-tailed Manakinborder= Swallow-tailed Cotingaborder= Cinnamon-vented Pihaborder=
Cinnamon-vented Pihaborder= Sharpbillborder= Cliff Flycatcherborder= Sooty Tyrannuletborder=
White-crested Tyrannuletborder= Great Kiskadeeborder= White-necked Thrushborder= Green-throated Euphoniaborder=
Gray-throated Warbling-Finchborder=

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