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Location: Itatiaia National Park

Dusky-legged Guanborder= Dusky-legged Guanborder= Frilled Coquetteborder= Brazilian Rubyborder=
Brazilian Rubyborder= Surucua Trogonborder= Saffron Toucanetborder= Blue-winged Macawborder=
White-shouldered Fire-eyeborder= Rufous Gnateaterborder= Mouse-colored Tapaculoborder= Olivaceous Woodcreeperborder=
Olivaceous Woodcreeperborder= Plain-winged Woodcreeperborder= Narrow-billed Woodcreeperborder= Scaled Woodcreeperborder=
Swallow-tailed Manakinborder= Black-tailed Flycatcherborder= Black-capped Pipritesborder= Black-capped Pipritesborder=
Eared Pygmy-Tyrantborder= White-rumped Monjitaborder= Shear-tailed Gray Tyrantborder= Rufous-crowned Greenletborder=
Blue-and-white Swallowborder= Yellow-legged Thrushborder= Chestnut-bellied Euphoniaborder= Chestnut-bellied Euphoniaborder=
Chestnut-bellied Euphoniaborder= Red-rumped Caciqueborder= Red-rumped Caciqueborder= Olive-green Tanagerborder=
Brown Tanagerborder= Magpie Tanagerborder= Buff-throated Warbling-Finchborder= Black-goggled Tanagerborder=
Ruby-crowned Tanagerborder= Ruby-crowned Tanagerborder= Fawn-breasted Tanagerborder= Golden-chevroned Tanagerborder=
Green-headed Tanagerborder= Green-headed Tanagerborder= Green-headed Tanagerborder= Green-headed Tanagerborder=
Swallow Tanagerborder= Swallow Tanagerborder= Blue Dacnisborder= Blue Dacnisborder=
Uniform Finchborder= Saffron Finchborder= Great Pampa-Finchborder= Double-collared Seedeaterborder=
Double-collared Seedeaterborder=

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