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Location: Jardim Da Amazônia

Greater Rheaborder= Greater Rheaborder= Greater Rheaborder= Red-winged Tinamouborder=
Muscovy Duckborder= Picazuro Pigeonborder= Ruddy Ground Doveborder= Ruddy Ground Doveborder=
Blackish Nightjarborder= Blackish Nightjarborder= Little Nightjarborder= Southern Lapwingborder=
Rufescent Tiger-Heronborder= Rufescent Tiger-Heronborder= Rufescent Tiger-Heronborder= Striated Heronborder=
Burrowing Owlborder= Green-backed Trogonborder= Amazonian Trogonborder= Green Kingfisherborder=
Pied Puffbirdborder= White-fronted Nunbirdborder= Swallow-winged Puffbirdborder= Brown Jacamarborder=
Brown Jacamarborder= Blue-cheeked Jacamarborder= Rufous-tailed Jacamarborder= Rufous-tailed Jacamarborder=
Black-girdled Barbetborder= Lettered Aracariborder= Chestnut-eared Aracariborder= Red-necked Aracariborder=
Red-necked Aracariborder= White-throated Toucanborder= Bar-breasted Piculetborder= Yellow-crowned Parrotborder=
Red-bellied Macawborder= Blue-winged Macawborder= Blue-winged Macawborder= Blue-winged Macawborder=
Blue-and-yellow Macawborder= Blue-and-yellow Macawborder= Blue-and-yellow Macawborder= Blue-and-yellow Macawborder=
Blue-and-yellow Macawborder= Blue-and-yellow Macawborder= Blue-and-yellow Macawborder= Red-shouldered Macawborder=
Barred Antshrikeborder= Barred Antshrikeborder= Amazonian Antshrikeborder= Chestnut-tailed Antbirdborder=
Long-billed Woodcreeperborder= Rondonia Woodcreeperborder= Point-tailed Palmcreeperborder= Bare-necked Fruitcrowborder=
Masked Tityraborder= White-browed Purpletuftborder= White-naped Xenopsarisborder= Short-tailed Pygmy-Tyrantborder=
Flammulated Pygmy-Tyrantborder= Forest Elaeniaborder= Greenish Elaeniaborder= Grayish Mournerborder=
Short-crested Flycatcherborder= Lesser Kiskadeeborder= Lesser Kiskadeeborder= Great Kiskadeeborder=
Piratic Flycatcherborder= Sulphury Flycatcherborder= Yellow-rumped Caciqueborder= Yellow-rumped Caciqueborder=
Shiny Cowbirdborder= Masked Yellowthroatborder= Cone-billed Tanagerborder= Silver-beaked Tanagerborder=
Blue-necked Tanagerborder= Swallow Tanagerborder= Swallow Tanagerborder= Black-faced Dacnisborder=
Blue Dacnisborder=

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