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Location: Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Egyptian Gooseborder= Spur-winged Gooseborder= Spur-winged Gooseborder= African Black Duckborder=
Red-billed Duckborder= Yellow-necked Francolinborder= Yellow-necked Francolinborder= Kori Bustardborder=
Kori Bustardborder= Kori Bustardborder= Kori Bustardborder= Black-bellied Bustardborder=
Blacksmith Lapwingborder= Blacksmith Lapwingborder= Blacksmith Lapwingborder= Crowned Lapwingborder=
Crowned Lapwingborder= Kittlitz's Ploverborder= African Openbillborder= Abdim's Storkborder=
Marabou Storkborder= Marabou Storkborder= Marabou Storkborder= Hamerkopborder=
Hamerkopborder= Black-headed Heronborder= Black-headed Heronborder= Cattle Egretborder=
African Sacred Ibisborder= African Sacred Ibisborder= African Sacred Ibisborder= White-headed Vultureborder=
Long-crested Eagleborder= Black Kiteborder= Black Kiteborder= Northern Fiscalborder=
Rufous-naped Larkborder= Rufous-naped Larkborder= Wire-tailed Swallowborder= Wire-tailed Swallowborder=
Mosque Swallowborder= Hildebrandt's Starlingborder= Hildebrandt's Starlingborder= Northern Anteater-Chatborder=
Tacazze Sunbirdborder= Tacazze Sunbirdborder= Rufous-tailed Weaverborder= Rufous-tailed Weaverborder=
Speke's Weaverborder= Speke's Weaverborder= Yellow-throated Longclawborder=

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