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Location: REGUA (Reserva Ecológica De Guapiaçu)

Muscovy Duckborder= Muscovy Duckborder= Greater Aniborder= Swallow-tailed Hummingbirdborder=
Swallow-tailed Hummingbirdborder= Wattled Jacanaborder= Giant Snipeborder= Rufescent Tiger-Heronborder=
Black-banded Owlborder= Rufous-tailed Jacamarborder= White-barred Piculetborder= Yellow-headed Caracaraborder=
Yellow-headed Caracaraborder= Chestnut-backed Antshrikeborder= Yellow-chinned Spinetailborder= Yellow-chinned Spinetailborder=
White-bearded Manakinborder= Shrike-like Cotingaborder= Streamer-tailed Tyrantborder= Masked Water-Tyrantborder=
White-headed Marsh Tyrantborder= Gray-hooded Attilaborder= Boat-billed Flycatcherborder= Social Flycatcherborder=
Turquoise Tanagerborder= Turquoise Tanagerborder= Turquoise Tanagerborder= Turquoise Tanagerborder=
Yellow-backed Tanagerborder=

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