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Location: Trinidad

Ruddy Ground Doveborder= Ruby-topaz Hummingbirdborder= Black-throated Mangoborder= Black-throated Mangoborder=
Long-billed Starthroatborder= Blue-chinned Sapphireborder= Southern Lapwingborder= Southern Lapwingborder=
Wattled Jacanaborder= Cattle Egretborder= Savanna Hawkborder= Gray-lined Hawkborder=
Broad-winged Hawkborder= Green-backed Trogonborder= Green-backed Trogonborder= Guianan Trogonborder=
Collared Trogonborder= Rufous-tailed Jacamarborder= Lineated Woodpeckerborder= Yellow-headed Caracaraborder=
Yellow-chinned Spinetailborder= White-winged Swallowborder= Red-breasted Meadowlarkborder= Red-breasted Meadowlarkborder=
Shiny Cowbirdborder= Yellow-hooded Blackbirdborder=

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