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State/Province: Trinidad
28 photographs of 22 species

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Common Potooborder= Oilbirdborder= Copper-rumped Hummingbirdborder= Copper-rumped Hummingbirdborder=
Southern Lapwingborder= Wattled Jacanaborder= Scarlet Ibisborder= Guianan Trogonborder=
Trinidad Motmotborder= Lineated Woodpeckerborder= Golden-olive Woodpeckerborder= White-bearded Manakinborder=
White-bearded Manakinborder= White-bearded Manakinborder= White-bearded Manakinborder= Golden-headed Manakinborder=
Bearded Bellbirdborder= Ochre-bellied Flycatcherborder= Spectacled Thrushborder= Crested Oropendolaborder=
Yellow-hooded Blackbirdborder= White-lined Tanagerborder= Blue-gray Tanagerborder= Purple Honeycreeperborder=
Purple Honeycreeperborder= Green Honeycreeperborder= Green Honeycreeperborder= Bananaquitborder=

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